BSc (Hons) Business Management

20 May, 2015


BSc (Hons) Business Management

Note: the example personal statement (statement of purpose) below is for guidelines only and to help you understand how to write one - do not copy any part of it. When applying to universities, write your own personal statement (statement of purpose) according to your profile for the course you are applying. Please check HERE for detailed guidelines on how to write a personal statement (statement of purpose).

The time I realised the employment market and the economic backbone of the world is dominated by business degree holders, I had already completed my BA (Pass) course in general discipline.

In particular, my work role at Inspire System Limited as Account Executive has inspired my ambition to gain qualification in business related area significantly. Driven by my dream, I applied to the UK Government College, Westminster Kingsway College to study BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Business as preparation for Bachelor Degree programme in this discipline. I also thought this would allow me enough time to understand UK education culture, academic norms and also improve my efficiency in English language so that I am comfortable with my degree study later on.

Unfortunately, high commission unwisely refused my entry clearance – though I won the admin review application, it was too late to catch the intake which was long gone and next one was long ahead (following October). My college suggested me to follow ESOL English as a Foreign Language course till the next intake starts. Till today I have been studying the course and improved my English to CEFR B2 level. I have also gained academic skills in UK education environment with diverse student population and this improvement is reflected in my recently passed City & Guilds English Test at CEFR B2 level.

It was beginning of this year; I came to know that the college will not continue the Level 3 Extended Diploma in Business programme any more for international students since there was not many students to run the course. They suggested to take another English course till October this year to see if they can accommodate me a course i.e. HND. But I felt it would be complete waste of academic life to follow extra English course just to fill gaps between now and next intake, and I decided not to continue with college. I decided to discontinue with the college and made up mind to start my coveted course of study that I originally thought of before coming to the UK.

In last one year of my student life in the UK, I had been researching course and educational institutions for which I wanted to see myself a student – the efforts have paid healthy dividends. I think I have found the right course at the right place at right time – the BSc (Hons) Business Management programme at BPP University, the winner of the best higher education provider 2013 in the UK.

This three-tiered course provides 3 distinctive levels of qualifications with progressions from previous one to the next one. Every level of study provides a qualification on its own while completion of the 3rd level consolidates the previous two and earns the ultimate award of the BSc (Hons) Degree.  

This degree prepares learners with practical ability that today’s employers look for. The qualification also set strong platform to study further higher levels of study.

This course develops comprehensive skills and knowledge of different functional and operational areas of business and the administration of business with management competency while avail opportunities to specialise in areas including Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, Entrepreneurship, innovation etc.

Each level of the course is designed with compulsory modules that cover varied vital attributes of modern global business requirements. As a matter of fact, the modules have been selected after consultation with professional bodies and FTSE 100 companies to make it employment-focused and career oriented.

From the study, I aim to gain commercial awareness, marketing concepts, brand and brand loyalty, sales and promotional strategy, customer relationship management, the impact of social media and digital marketing and learn to turn ideas into reality.

Part of my learning will engage me in the understanding skills for business, working as part of a team, professional writing and communication, effective workplace communication, presentation skills, ethics in business, professional skills development planning.

I will gain understanding in company annual reports, financial statement and their interpretations, regulatory framework, corporate governance and the audit report, emerging issues in financial reporting.

Management of people, human resource and development of this is vital to organisations and business. The study of this course would provide me skills in recruitment and selection, performance management and reward, learning and development, conflict resolution, discipline and grievance, redundancy.

It is crucial for every organisation to use quantitative analysis effectively to support their decision making process. This study involves basic mathematics, percentages, ratio and profitability, numerical order, averages and range, algebra and linear equations, simultaneous equations, mathematical symbols, roots, powers, scatter diagrams, charts and frequency tables.   

As part of decision making tools, I will learn the role of finance, capital markets, basic tools of financial analysis, the relationship between risk and return, fundamentals of portfolio theory, basic stock and valuation, investment appraisal. I will gain competency in basic mathematics, summarising and analysing data, index numbers, probability, correlation and simple regression techniques, forecasting, financial mathematics, spreadsheets.

I will also develop knowledge and understanding of the factors that influence individual and group behaviour, and their influence on organisation. I will learn concepts and terminology related to organisational behaviour, internal and external forces impacting organisational behaviour, organisational design, group processes and behaviour, organisational culture, individual behaviour and processes, organisational power and politics, ethics and decision-making, international dimensions of organisational behaviour.

The above comprehensive areas of knowledge and skills would enhance my current level extensively – the study of the year one would earn me academic progressions with a Certificate of Higher Education in Business Management awarded by the biggest university of the Europe, BPP.

Completion of this stage will also create pathway to progress onto level 5, year two and consequently Level 6, year 3. At every stage and level, I will advance to more rigorous and mature domains of business management and pave the earlier learning for greater accomplishments. On completion, I will be graduated with a BA (Hons) degree that can turn pages of life into bright and success.

I have chosen the BPP University, because no other university provides this programme with this intensity and integration. The teaching here is cantered to employment skills and competencies for top companies. The varied combination of teaching tools and techniques are employed to prepare learners with face to face interaction, group work, independent learning, seminars, virtual learning – these help to develop personally, professionally and the attainments are transferable skills that come with other soft skills that the faculty aims to provide through the teaching. The competencies and the qualification with the name BPP on it would open unlimited doors of prospects for me and I aim to walk through those with authority and confidence developed from the university.


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