DBA - Doctor of Business Administration

02 April, 2018


DBA - Doctor of Business Administration

Note: the example personal statement (statement of purpose) below is for guidelines only and to help you understand how to write one - do not copy any part of it. When applying to universities, write your own personal statement (statement of purpose) according to your profile for the course you are applying. Please check HERE for detailed guidelines on how to write a personal statement (statement of purpose).

I am highly motivated to study the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) programme to enhance my academic accomplishments and gain further personal and professional developments. The qualification would facilitate me to realise my career plan as a business management consultant and develop it to further height.

I have recently completed MSc Management with Finance course - the study has provided me insights into various areas of management and business. The platform has increased my ability strongly to achieve advanced level knowledge and skills in the area. My earlier study of commerce in my bachelor and masters in Pakistan provided me the ingredients to cement the base and on the base I can now build blocks of knowledge to greater height and reach the zenith of academic and career goals.

The study of the DBA course would enable me to take my management and professional development to a new level with higher ranks of intellectual ability. The learning would enhance my professional and executive practice via the application of real world complex issues and rigorous research to problems that contemporary business and management encounter. There would be a true opportunity to transform myself as a consultant with leadership attributes and be part of global scholarly community. The taught components of the course including Strategy in Action, Strategic Thinking and Value Management, Leadership and Professional Development, Research Methodology and Proposal in the phase one of the course will give me the platform to develop a sound understanding of the relevant conceptual and theoretical underpinnings of my target research in business and management. These modules will engage me with cross-disciplinary work and mixed methods of problem solving competencies for my own practice and development in future roles as a professional. In phase two, I will be able to reflect on my learning and apply this to my thesis work that would sketch out the learning outcomes that I aim for and that this DBA course is designed for.

The DBA course is most certainly the one that align with my goals and I am very keen to achieve this qualification. I am also very pleased to see the aim of the course is to prepare learners with problem solving skills – this is one of the motivating factors for choosing the course as I will be able to excel in this skill in the light of my previous managerial level work experience at Microworld Business Associates, Pakistan. After going through the DBA course details offered by the University of the West of Scotland, I see this key element alongside other learning targets that I have in my academic plans and these have biased my choice for the course at the university.

I have also researched few other universities in the UK that offer the course, but most of the universities offer this in part-time mode. In my findings, around my living place, I find two other Universities including University of Wales Trinity Saint David London and University of Gloucestershire offer the course in full time mode. University of Gloucestershire is very far from my living place while University of Wales Trinity Saint David London course modules and learning outcomes do not suit my learning mode when I compared those with the ones offered at University of the West of Scotland (UWS). After careful thought and extensive research, I have made the UWS DBA course as my first choice.

I have chosen the London campus of the university because, my current course was taught in London and I live nearby the campus. I am familiar with London and have become used to the environment. Being a single female, it could be difficult for me to move to a different city and settle there – it could eat up valuable study time and affect performance. Besides, there have been better opportunities to learn on-hand business etiquettes from the rich business community in London. This may not be ample outside the London city.

The course is not available in my home country let alone the outstanding learning experience available in the UK in and out of class room. As I am already in the UK, it would be pragmatic to complete the follow-up degree without break and open career with UK qualifications that are highly respected in my home country.

The University of the West of Scotland is ranked by Times Higher Education in their 2018 World University Rankings as being in the top 3% of universities worldwide, and feature in the top 200 of their Young University World Rankings. In fact, 94% of UWS graduates are in work or further study research 6 months after graduating. The course is delivered to prepare students as career-ready with practical features in the learning targets. The teachers have professional teaching background and experience from the industry. The London campus is located and designed to provide students real-world flavour of business management discourses. It would be a very pleasing experience to become a student of the University for this life-changing Course.

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