LLB - the Bachelor of Laws (Hons) Course

22 May, 2015


LLB - the Bachelor of Laws (Hons) Course

Note: the example personal statement (statement of purpose) below is for guidelines only and to help you understand how to write one - do not copy any part of it. When applying to universities, write your own personal statement (statement of purpose) according to your profile for the course you are applying. Please check HERE for detailed guidelines on how to write a personal statement (statement of purpose).

My upbringing has honed my perception of society and people leading me to be acutely aware of social injustice, inequality, exploitation, discrimination, and religious fundamentalism, especially in a society such as the one I am a citizen of – Sri Lanka. 

As I grew up I nurtured a desire to work through my life in establishing a society that would be free from these. As such, I have chosen to study law (LLB) and take training as a Lawyer/Barrister, for I believe the proper implementation of law is the only potent weapon to obliterate injustice, and establish the rights of socially deprived classes. I think, by becoming a Lawyer/Barrister, I will also be able to join many others in the struggle of our rights and dignity and strive within an imperfect political system towards the goal of greater equality within the law. 

I believe that the training will challenge my intellectual potential and analytical skills, resulting in the expression of my own, authentic opinions, creativity and judgement. As an individual, I have good sense of judgement, and I disagree with those who are pre-judgemental, as I feel this is at the core of discrimination and injustice. 

Moreover, I always prefer freedom of choice and putting my thoughts into reality. I perceived legal profession allows an individual to practice independently with own initiatives and this have influenced my decision to train as a barrister hugely.

I have recently completed an Advanced Diploma in Management Practice and studied Leadership, Personal and Professional Development, Improving Organisational Performance, Strategy along with other modules. I believe, as a potential future Barrister I require to gain leadership quality. The personal and professional development study has helped me gain quality including professional attitude, discipline, calmness and addressing public/audience, handling pressure, time management, prioritising workloads – these are traits that have similarities with the learning outcomes of the Law study. Furthermore, organisational performance and strategy modules have improved my ability on critical thinking and appreciation, analysis of case/scenarios and evaluation of them – these would significantly complement the professional and academic learning aims of the LLB programme.

Being a superior qualification, the LLB will allow me gain academic progression; I will achieve enhanced knowledge and skills with advanced professional capabilities. The course would also earn my carer progressions and developments with stark distinction.

“BPP” is a name of image, prestige and pride. BPP University’s LLB is a challenging and rewarding programme – the focus of the course is on practical experience and application, with particular emphasis placed on advocacy.

The university’s reputation has grown considerably during the last few years and many commercial law firms now specify that future trainees complete their studies at BPP branch.

BPP Law School teachers are highly experienced – some of whom are still practising or retain close links with the profession – run small group sessions that draw on real-life situations, and many of their own cases.

The university provides teaching in small group sessions – all practical advocacy and conference sessions are taught in groups of 4 and therefore, very intensive – the programme includes 30% more advocacy teaching than required by the Bar Standards Board.

One of the distinctive features of  university is it provides innovative study tools including online demonstrations, suggested answers for written work, live mock assessments with professional actors – for advocacy and conference, DVD recordings for reviewing performance on a weekly basis, recorded revision lectures for all Civil and Criminal small group sessions, the White Book and Blackstones Criminal Practice.

The classrooms are equipped with very latest eLearning and technology facilities. There are dedicated computer study rooms and IT equipment in all libraries and study areas. Specialist libraries have long opening hours, which provide extended access to vast range of reading materials and resources.

At BPP, there is chance of gaining vital work experience – by advising real clients through the university’s award winning Pro Bono Centre. There are also opportunities to practice skills through mock trial and mooting events judged by members of the judiciary and practitioners; and increase knowledge with introductions to papillae lectures and court visits. Additionally, the university provides proactive career support to give the best possible chance of securing pupillage at reputed law firms. In fact, the LLB course delivery at the university is very closely linked to the profession.

I will look no further if I get a chance to study my LLB programme at BPP University’s London campus.

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