MSc Business with International Management with Advanced Practice

02 April, 2018


MSc Business with International Management with Advanced Practice

Note: the example personal statement (statement of purpose) below is for guidelines only and to help you understand how to write one - do not copy any part of it. When applying to universities, write your own personal statement (statement of purpose) according to your profile for the course you are applying. Please check HERE for detailed guidelines on how to write a personal statement (statement of purpose).

Today’s changing nature of global business and organisations that are evolving at fast pace to emancipate traditional management with business leaders who are versatile and pragmatic. Given the recent development that my home country India has seen in the last decade, it has become integral to co-ordinate and sustain the growth with skilled and professional human capital. This importance goes further with demands for skilled and educated women to put balance, equality and diversity in business and organisations and hence in the social and economic thread. Being a woman student of India, I feel I must come forward along with others to take the step and contribute to my society, country and hence the world economy while empowering myself in the success and bridge the gender gap in the top.

As a disciple of management qualification, I have undertaken detailed research on number of management courses offered by few UK universities. None of those quite meet my expectations but the MSc Business with International Management with Advanced Practice offered by Northumbria University.

Modern business and organisations has taken huge turn in recent years - operating and sustaining business growth in the complex and unpredictable trends of ever changing global environment that is ever innovative, creative and technical, established management practices require adopting new concepts and redesigning management approaches. Modern management commands unprejudiced flexibility to shape with relative culture, environment, law, politics, natural disaster etc. Management students now require practice based skills while gaining degrees.

This MSc course has been designed to equip students with the competency and professionalism that can help to meet the challenges that managers are facing in the global business environment. I find the syllabus of the MSc programme aligned and synchronised with the current global business and management issues to prepare a new generation of managers who can successfully adapt with the constant evolution of business and organisations. The learning contents of this MSc are true reflections of my academic vision and career ambition that I have developed to match the demands of the new corporate world.

From the course, I aim to learn a solid grounding in the major business management disciplines and concepts, the opportunity to analyse and test techniques, a true understanding of what lies behind business jargon, the skills to integrate applications, develop critical analytical skills in assessing the global environment for business, identify new international business opportunities and analyse international markets and industries, apply an action inquiry approach to develop strategies for effecting change by demonstrating effective negotiation, influencing and leadership skills.

The study would enable me to learn to appreciate the senior management role and how different theories and models influence the practice of management. I learn how to use appropriate and relevant information efficiently and effectively to make better decisions. The course would provide me knowledge in different leadership styles, role of strategic leadership and strategies they need to adopt to bring about changes in organisations. I will learn to take my own responsibility, take personal ownership of planning and decisions with autonomy and self-direction. I will achieve skills in financial appraisals and their material impacts assess risk and project viability. The course would develop other soft skills including working effectively as part of a team, setting goals and meeting targets, ability in critical analysis, negotiations, motivations and persuasion. 

It is important to mention here that I have gained invaluable experience as a ‘Credit Services Executive’ from HSBC – Electronic Data Processing India Pvt. Ltd.; as an ‘Accounting Administrator’ from Lucarn and Radaan Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.; & as a ‘ Credit Risk/KYC Analyst’ from ICICI Bank Limited in India. I have put positive contribution towards the success of these companies while gained self and professional development as business executive. This knowledge and skills would be crucially complementary to the study of this MSc – I would be able to relate the learning with reality to theory and translate the outcome more effectively to reap the targets of the qualification with ultimate interest and passion.

Learning from my MBA modules will have significant contribution to complement this course due to the similarities and knowledge integration with the MSc learning outcomes. I can transfer the learning to this MSc study to enrich my attainments and gain outstanding performance in the accomplishments.

The syllabus contents and learning targets of this MSc is more developed than that of my MBA and designed to equip with advanced knowledge, skills and competences. In particular, the transformations of learning from theory to practice in the work placement phase would make a real difference between my current level and the achievements from this course. I will gain enhanced knowledge and skills and acquire progressions both academically and professionally.

The qualification would open myriad of opportunities which I aim to take advantage of and take it further for my success. In addition to the knowledge and skills, studying this MSc would allow me the opportunity to have international exposure, bright career prospects, development and advancement of career, skills and professionalism to become a self-starter as entrepreneur.

The Advanced Practice module is the most distinctive feature of the course -  being in this module’s training will create an opportunity for me to gain most sought ‘soft-skills’ i.e. self-management, team working, problem solving, application of IT, communication, application of numeracy, business and customer awareness that every employers hunt for. I will develop personally and professionally to equip myself with competencies that include cultural awareness, presentation skills, personal development planning, personal brand and digital identity, connecting and networking within industry, volunteering, entrepreneurialism, business research, emotional intelligence, IT literacy, reflective practice etc. from practical workshops and events. I will have further chances to be equipped with interview skills, psychometric testing, professional CV writing, approaching job application, using social media platform, translating and transforming theory into practice and these could earn me a prospective internship opportunity in UK or other international companies.

On graduation, I expect imminent opening of my career at management position in business development, business operations, brand development, external relations or other functional areas of organisations. My home country, India, has been developing fast in last few decades – there are bountiful opportunities for UK graduates due to the applied skills they transfer to the home country alongside world-recognised qualifications. I am confident, I will have a prosperous career life there and this can only be brighter in long-term. In 2 to 5 years post-qualification, I see myself in senior management position and develop my career in prestigious height of the board of directors in 5 to 10 years.

Northumbria University’s MSc Business with International Management with Advanced Practice programme is purely dedicated for professional development, contemporary management skills and practical competencies. The teaching emphasis on the acquisitions of employability skills and provided by a mix of academics and industry experienced practitioners who offer genuine professional insight and robust academic teaching. The course is offered under the Newcastle Business School which is one of only 1% of the world’s business schools to hold the prestigious double AACSB accreditation.

The university provide personal tutor support and guidance to increase learners’ confidence and assist in realising potential, and a high degree of student-tutor contact time through small group sessions. Upon graduating, I will have chance to join one of Professional Pathways programmes of the university, to further build my skills and employability with one of the UK’s leading IT and project management training providers, QA.

At the London campus of the University, I will have access to the very latest technology and electronic resources to support my learning; the e-learning technology will enable me to interact with the learning process and develop my information retention and knowledge. The online learning resources including interactive modules, videos and multiple choice tests as part of the online study system complement the classroom learning and help to revise and prepare for examinations.

The learning resources support the aims of this flagship course that could well entitle me with a career ready qualification, an MSc that can transform my career and life with riches and successes.

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