MSc Finance and Business Management

21 May, 2015


MSc Finance and Business Management

Note: the example personal statement (statement of purpose) below is for guidelines only and to help you understand how to write one - do not copy any part of it. When applying to universities, write your own personal statement (statement of purpose) according to your profile for the course you are applying. Please check HERE for detailed guidelines on how to write a personal statement (statement of purpose).

I have chosen to study MSc Finance and Business Management programme because I believe from the study I will develop an in-depth understanding of finance and its management in the success of business. I will learn to apply latest thinking on finance and management to the analysis of the key business problems being experienced by the world's major businesses and to develop the research skills necessary to tackle financial and business management problems and issues.

Unlike my current qualification MBA, I will have the opportunity to gain knowledge in newer but essential areas including Applied Management Project, Business Data Analysis, Corporate Finance, Digital Business Management, Financial Analysis, Intercultural Business Contexts, Issues in Financial Reporting, Managing People, Marketing, The Personal Brand. These domains of finance study areas would enable me to attain crucial related aspects of knowledge in Economics, Financial Market, Institutions and Operations, Financial Regulation, Quantitative Methods, Fund Accounting, Derivatives and Alternative Investments, Fund Management etc. Additionally, the dissertation in Finance and Business Management will allow me to research in the area and gain specialised knowledge and skills in depth.

These vital areas, which I missed in my MBA study, will develop my skills to adapt appropriate strategic responses to different financial markets through the study of organisations. I will develop my knowledge of the financing of organisations including the sources, uses and management of finance and the use of accounting for managerial and financial reporting.

While my MBA was too generic a degree and provided me with common knowledge like any other students of business administration – the accomplishments were typical business management knowledge without any focus in any particular area; and I have gained bit of knowledge on everything without much depth – that is to say jack of all trades master of none.

My career vision is to find a career in the financial market or in investment banking sector, the MBA degree is not helping me much to enter the market in decent position. Obviously, I admit my gap in knowledge in this very special and delicate area that I must acquire advanced level knowledge and skills before I can see myself with a great start in the sector.

I am convinced after thorough research that the study of this MSc in Finance and Business Management will give this special edge and enhance my current knowledge; and I will achieve advanced knowledge and skills in the finance, business and management - I will be able to understand the foundations of finance and the operation of financial markets and provision of financial services; financial regulations, portfolio analysis, derivatives, options, capital markets, insurance products, stocks, hedge funds, banking products, loans and other related products and services. I will gain ability to set strategies and execute those to address the needs of different market environments. I will achieve skills for development of people within organisations, the impact of information systems, importance of effective communication within global economy, cultural, political, legal influences in buying behaviour and how to design marketing and promotional strategies to sustain brand value.

The study of this MSc would push me forward with higher level knowledge and skills along with competences and competitive edge and these will lead me to higher level of academic progressions in newer domain of knowledge in vital areas of business functions. I will accomplish advanced knowledge and enhanced skills academically and professionally that I did not have available in my previous studies.

From the study, I will learn to analyse real-world financial situations faced by business organisations, I will develop the ability to effectively interpret and make decisions based on accounting and financial information which is a valuable tool for a manager in any organisation, a strong understanding of how financial information is used for decision making purposes. The study will enhance my ability enabling me to analyse financial statements and to show the links between accounting statements, valuation methods and investment analysis. I will gain knowledge of global financial markets and the finance and investment industry – how different organisations interact, their roles, and factors behind success or failure.

Therefore, there are myriad of opportunities to acquire advanced level knowledge and skills along with professional discourses from the MSc – the course, in fact, will raise my capabilities to enviable standard in academic attainments and for career developments. The study would be true progressions of knowledge, skills, professionalism and above all for higher roles in career ladder.


On successful completion of the MSc Applied Finance, I will be well-placed to pursue a career in accounting, banking, financial market, fund management, insurance and the stock market. I will have acquired the knowledge and skills to become an effective manager in the public or private sector and are likely to establish a career path in companies that are listed on stock exchanges in Italy and potentially other parts of Europe. The study, indeed, will be a turning point of my journey towards a successful career destination. I will be glad to have University of Bedfordshire as my mentor for making my aspirations a true success. 

I am pleased that my previous studies will complement the MSc Finance and Business Management programme since its learning outcomes cover areas of previous studies though I gained lesser levels of knowledge in those, but I will be able to transfer those towards this study and get the maximum out of the MSc. I can also bring in my 3.5 year work experience as a Finance Manager at the StudiO Furniture & Design to enrich the study and complement the applied aspects of the learning outcome of this MSc Programme. I look forward to start this great programme at the Celebrity University of Bedfordshire (Beds) at the very earliest opportunity.

I have chosen the Beds for this programme because the university provide transferable skills to add value to the tuition with cognitive skills and ‘soft skills’ for employment. Beds help with personal and professional development with training on critical analysis ability, leadership skills, effective communication competences, and employability and career skills.

The university integrate latest modules and techniques from industry and commerce in the teaching since they maintain constant links with contemporary business and employers – the tuitions are adjusted and adapted to employers’ demands and global challenges. The goal here is deliver professional graduates with teaching by professional tutors who have vast experience in related and relevant fields. It is probably one of the main reasons big companies send their delegates here to train from Beds – this make the classrooms more attached and intense. It also raises the learning and teaching standards while develop all students ability to highest level. What an opportunity this would be for me to be among those intellectual learners and professionals!

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