Personal Statement - LLM International Law and Social Justice

07 July, 2022


Personal Statement - LLM International Law and Social Justice

Note: the example personal statement (statement of purpose) below is for guidelines only and to help you understand how to write one - do not copy any part of it. When applying to universities, write your own personal statement (statement of purpose) according to your profile for the course you are applying. Please check HERE for detailed guidelines on how to write a personal statement (statement of purpose).

I am keen to pursue LLM International Law and Social Justice at University of Brighton. This LL.M in international law and Social Justice will complement and enhance my Bachelor degree. The application is supported by my CV and evidence of my qualifications, references and my eligibility to study. This will verify the information contained within this application. If I may complete the LLM international law and Social Justice, I will get a vast idea about variety of the international sectors which I do want to. In future, this would help me to become a successful criminal lawyer or social welfare lawyer.

According to my research and University website I have found that choosing to study a Master of Laws LLM International Law could give student an advantage in an increasingly competitive market, by providing with practical and relevant knowledge of the key issues in a specialised area of law. Moreover, the student will be able to interact with leading academics, judges, officials and practitioners from various legal systems. Moreover, experienced lecturers will support to develop skills of critical thinking and legal and interdisciplinary discourse and will also feature guest talks. In addition, this course will also take a unique view of the law as it relates to health care through the prism of human rights along with modules on corporate crime and justice as well as a deeper exploration of international human rights and the law of international trade. All throughout my academic career, I have accumulated useful knowledge, communication skills and analytical skills with various experiences. I have the capability of dealing even with complex technical issues with an analytical and professional approach. As of the moment, I am interested in learning all the related skills and knowledge from this course. For this reason, this course will be the right choice for my career plans and objectives.

After completion of my SSC and HSC I studied Bachelor of Laws form Southeast University, Dhaka, Bangladesh in January 2020. Later on from February 2020 I started working as an apprentice lawyer at Mahbub Law Chamber. I am still working with this firm and it was a fascinating experience for me to work with them. My work experiences have led me to identify all my potentials including my strengths and weaknesses. I have also come to understand the need to be well equipped with the knowledge in the field of my chosen sector. For this reason I have decided to continue my further study with this course at University of Brighton. I would feel great if I be a part of this university. This degree completion would open up several job opportunities for me in Bangladesh as companies have been turning to be focused on UK post-graduates immensely. By gaining the above potentials, my aim is to serve my country and the nation. However, this is not only fulfilling my aim but my dream also. After getting an education from UK my plan is to come back to Bangladesh and search for a good job as a practicing lawyer in any leading law firms in Bangladesh. Moreover, If I can successfully complete this course it will create a platform for me to explore different career opportunities such as family lawyer, criminal lawyer or social welfare lawyer at International charities and NGOs.

University of Brighton offers Legal System, Method and Skills, International Human Rights and Social Justice, Law and Policy of International Trade, Enterprise and the Environment, Human Rights and Healthcare and Corporate Crime and Justice. . These modules have attracted me to study this course University of Brighton as all the modules are highly demanding and updated according to today’s legal sectors. However, as I have completed my bachelor from the same background this course will definitely complement my academic qualifications.

UK higher education degrees and qualifications are recognised by employers and academics worldwide. Students will get the opportunity to develop their skills, knowledge, critical thinking, and connections to drive forward their careers. On the other hand, in my country our student community is only national students based and the degrees we get are not widely valued. There are only few reputed Universities and thousands of students are taking part in admission exam to get one seat. Moreover political chaos makes it harder to obtain the degree without any delay. On the other hand the course duration of UK degrees are less and tuition fees and living costs are comparatively low when compared to USA, Australia and Canada. According to statistics 90% of graduates are satisfied with academic experience and support received from their universities. Moreover, the teaching systems, tools and techniques are lagging far behind from UK. This opens numerous opportunities for a student who studies in the United Kingdom. This makes United Kingdom the ideal place to study.

The University of Brighton is a public university dependent on four campuses in Brighton and Eastbourne on the south shoreline of England. Brighton University is known all through the world as a result of its great courses and dedication to instruction quality and execution. It has a boundless number of excellent mentors where I can arrive at the equivalent precise top- quality training. Moreover, The University of Brighton is ranked as a top 5 university for world-leading research impact in business and management studies (REF 2014). I can discover my desired course I need in this University. University of Brighton is one of the first UK universities which use Job Teaser, a new online placements system presenting placement options in the UK and Europe, which gathers together all the job opportunities, events and resources I will need to help me with my professional development. Also I found one more unique feature which is Bee purple event that run throughout the academic year which that will improve my employability and help me grow as a successful person.

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