Personal Statement - MSc Project Management

29 July, 2022


Personal Statement - MSc Project Management

Note: the example personal statement (statement of purpose) below is for guidelines only and to help you understand how to write one - do not copy any part of it. When applying to universities, write your own personal statement (statement of purpose) according to your profile for the course you are applying. Please check HERE for detailed guidelines on how to write a personal statement (statement of purpose).

I have prepared this application with great delight, initiating my journey to study MSc Project Management at the University of Bedfordshire. This course will enhance my current academic knowledge, will give me real-life experiences, will teach to manage critical assessments of project management methods of knowledge, theories, issues, and tools and techniques. Through this course highlights, I would be potential to have a real impact on the transformation of my future career. As my career goal is to create awareness in the business projects, which I found in the study of MSc Project Management, I want to contribute a part of myself to the implementation in developed and developing nations by achieving the degree award. I am very much excited to pursue the course to achieve my future career goal.

I had completed my Senior School Certificate Examination in 2015 from The West African Examinations Council. Then I got admitted into the University of Sussex for my international foundation programme of study and completed in May 2017 in Law, International Relations and Sociology. After then I completed my graduation - Bachelor of Law from Nottingham Trent University in 2020. I started my professional life with Longhall Business Consulting Support Services, Ltd. as a Project Manager in June 2020 and still working there. From my work life I realized that I need to gain more knowledge in business projects for my fastest career growth. So, I decided to pursue the MSc Project Management. Throughout my free time, I have participated with various activities like social volunteering and training sessions. I have improved my English language through my personal practice. Now I want to complete my further higher studies in the UK as I know UK degrees are always professional and my previous graduation degree was awarded from UK University. I have realized that I need to gain the latest knowledge in the field of project management and gain more knowledge of real-world scenario discussions and enhance my problem-solving abilities. The course is flexible and responsive and offers lots of opportunities for future development. With my academic experience, I am confident that my aspects and professional goal make me a suitable candidate for the course.

This MSc Project Management which are organized to develop business competence and strengthen confidence and credibility, providing with a unique learning experience. I have reviewed the programme and found that this course aims to develop the skills set in particular and seeks to develop enquiry skills through conducting case studies and projects requiring a search for information using a range of sources to support learning methods. The modules are designed to be engaging, attractive and flexible in the current global marketplace where, apart from being introduced to the University and the Faculty, and adaption with the project management field to prepare me for the rest of the studies. The assessment includes coursework to test student knowledge and understanding and to demonstrate their ability to research, apply theories and models, critically thinking, communicate, and work in teams. The study environment definitely is demanding but it will be a rewarding experience for the students. Throughout the year includes- Business Dissertation, Leading People in Creative Teams, Performance Achievement Planning, Project and Operations Management, Project Management Practice, Risk and Procurement Management. These units will teach me to become an independent and self- directed lifelong learner. All assessments are rooted in authentic and practical workplace scenarios to enable the integration of theory and practice in dynamic `real world work contexts. Moreover, I have found the University’s Learning Resources provide a Study Hub from which I can improve my assignment-based skills by accessing free professional support to develop a wide range of relevant and valuable academic skills. By completing this course, I want to be a successful Project Manager or Project Coordinator at a higher level in well-reputed organizations in my home country. I believe this course will be the right choice for my career plans and objectives.

The brand of having a degree from the UK is highly respected by all over the developed countries such as mine – Nigeria. In Nigeria they believe that UK education builds proper professionals and there is a high expectation from applicants with such degrees. Where the educational system is in my home country is in assorted crises of infrastructural decay, neglect, waste of resources and sordid conditions of service. Thus in recent years, most reputed companies in Nigeria are emphasizing hiring civilian graduates with degrees from abroad. This has played a key part in my decision-making when choosing a study destination. Also, a recent Survey of International Graduate Outcomes 2019 by Universities UK International produce graduates shows that 82% of international graduates say that their UK degree is worth the financial investment and the same percentage say they are satisfied with their careers. 83% feel that a UK degree has helped them to get jobs that they would not get otherwise. So this is the reason to choose the UK over other education destinations. I can see myself thriving more in a world of knowledge and teaching methods I’m accustomed to.

The University of Bedfordshire is a public research university which is incredibly welcoming to international students. From the university website, I found that in 2014, the university achieved the fourth-largest improvement of 22 places in the REF Power Ranking in the sector with nearly half of its research considered to be internationally excellent and also coming eighth in the UK in the People and Planet University Green League in 2019 and received the Eco Campus Platinum award in 2020. Most importantly, as I lived before in the UK I know about this university that it is known to support the students, and they have invested heavily in their facilities to shape the physical and intellectual environment of learning. According to DLHE 2018, 91% of graduates are working and/or further studying within six months of graduation. In addition, the university has a well-equipped campus Tutors are high- qualified academics and most of them have received National Teaching Fellowship Awards. Conversely, I will have the opportunity to gain real-world knowledge and transferable skills that employers look for in graduate recruits. And I think it will be a great achievement for me if I get the opportunity to study at the University of Bedfordshire.

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