SOP - BSc (Hons) Computer Science programme

09 July, 2022


SOP - BSc (Hons) Computer Science programme

Note: the example personal statement (statement of purpose) below is for guidelines only and to help you understand how to write one - do not copy any part of it. When applying to universities, write your own personal statement (statement of purpose) according to your profile for the course you are applying. Please check HERE for detailed guidelines on how to write a personal statement (statement of purpose).

I am eager to pursue the BSc (Hons) Computer Science programme at University of Bedfordshire to learn a broad-based range of subjects which is increase my vocational skills. I have researched the University website and found that this programme will help me to develop my knowledge and skills with a solid understanding of Computer science concepts and techniques. Moreover, getting an opportunity to study this course at University of Bedfordshire will help me to gain the employability skills I need to achieve for my career ambitions.

The BSc (Hons) Computer Science programme at University of Bedfordshire will develop my practical skills in a variety of programming languages. In addition to this, I will have the opportunity to build up my academic writing skills and numeracy. This course is ideal for a student to improve their independence, self-direction and self-development. On top of this, I am aiming to concentrate on a processing related subject as I feel that computers are extremely important in all occupations and ordinary life. I believe that I have the ability to successfully undertake the BSc (Hons) Computer Science programme at University of Bedfordshire, which would also equip me with the skills to pursue a career in Computer sectors in the future. If I can successfully complete this course, I will get a lot of career opportunities in my home country such as Software Engineer, Computer Programmer, and Hardware Engineer.

After Completion of my SSC in 2018, I finished my Intermediate from Dhaka City College in 2021 (Award date). I am a very outgoing person and love to become the best in what I do. My hobbies includes watching documentaries, debating, solve case studies. Moreover, I am an extremely hardworking and creative person who wants to challenge myself in the future and I believe that further education in the world of computing can allow me to innovate and create while being at the heart of what I think our future will be like.

According to my research, the University of Bedfordshire provides a range of course modules in this BSc (Hons) Computer Science programme such as Databases and Computer Networks, Fundamentals Of Computer Science, Mathematics And Concepts For Computational Thinking, Principles Of Programming And Data Structures, Concepts And Technologies Of Artificial Intelligence, Desktop Applications Development And Software Engineering, Operational Information Security Management, Systems Development And Modern Database Practices, Web Technologies And Platforms, Agile Project Management, Distributed Service Architectures, and Undergraduate Project In Computer Science. All modules are adjusted with latest development. The course will be assessed by coursework, group and individual projects, portfolios, essays, presentations or exams. Actually, I have a deep understanding of the fundamental ideas of computing and I earned a lot of skills from my extra-curricular activities which will help me to complete my prospective degree. After completion, I aim to develop my career as a Software Engineer in a well reputed firm of my home country.

The reason why I choose to study in the UK is that it maintains a quality management system with high standard in all fields. UK course duration is shorter than other countries, that means student will leave school earlier and begin their career sooner. In the UK, living cost and tuition fees is lower than other top destinations (e.g., USA, Canada, or Australia). UK Education provides the latest academic knowledge, practical tools, techniques, applied knowledge, practical approach in learning. UK prepares their students academically and give them soft skills which is helpful for their future career. My home country’s learning materials are not adjusted with the latest developments. Degrees do not maintain proper standard. That’s why degrees are not internationally recognized and valued. But UK qualification is highly regarded by the employers over the world. In a recent Survey of International Graduate Outcomes 2019 by Universities UK International produced by iGraduate shows that 82% international graduates say that their UK degree are worth the financial investment and similar number of graduates say that they are satisfied or very satisfied with their careers. Nearly 83% feel that UK degree has helped them to get jobs. I believe that the UK is the right choice for my study instead of studying in my home or another country.

I prefer the University of Bedfordshire for several reasons. Beds have campuses with excellent facilities and learning resources. Moreover, many of their courses are accredited by professional bodies and current professional, industry or commercial practices are included in teaching to ensure that students have the knowledge and skills sought by employers or for further study. Beds is ranked ‘Silver’ in TEF ranking. To support students the University has invested heavily in their facilities to shape the physical and intellectual environment of learning. 91% of graduates in work and/or further study within six months of graduating (DLHE 2018). Tutors are highly- qualified academic and most of them have received National Teaching Fellowship Awards. I cannot wait for the opportunity to surround myself in the subject I feel so passionate and look forward to the challenges that university will bring.

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