Personal Statement – BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering

07 July, 2022


Personal Statement – BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering

Note: the example personal statement (statement of purpose) below is for guidelines only and to help you understand how to write one - do not copy any part of it. When applying to universities, write your own personal statement (statement of purpose) according to your profile for the course you are applying. Please check HERE for detailed guidelines on how to write a personal statement (statement of purpose).

I am keenly interested to study the Bachelor of Engineering with Honours Mechanical Engineeringat Birmingham City University. This program provides its students with the knowledge and professional skills that go beyond the scope of standard engineering, and I believe that this program will give the premise to me to advance into a profession with extraordinary potential.

I have researched and found highly contemporary modules in the Bachelor of Engineering with Honours Mechanical Engineering program at Birmingham City University. In Year 1, I will be studying Engineering Principles 1, Engineering Practice, Mathematical Modelling 1, Engineering Principles 2, Mathematical Modelling 2, and Integrated Engineering Project.

In Year 2, I will be studying Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics, Design and Materials, Numerical Analysis, Leading Engineering Endeavour, Mechanical Science, Design and Manufacture.

In Year 3, the core modules included are Computer Aided Engineering, Dynamics and Control, Advanced Mechanics, Thermodynamics and Power and Energy Systems, and Individual Honours Project.

The course helps me to broaden my knowledge, it combines my interest of how things work and the mechanics behind devices, with the ability to apply math and physics concepts to real-life situations. The subjects which I have studied previously are related to my chosen course, so this is a natural study progression for me.

Following my WAEC in Nigeria, I had finished my Higher NationalDiploma(MechanicalEngineering) in 2015 from Institute ofManagement andTechnology, Enugu,Enugu State. Nigeria. Studying Math andMechanics during myHigher National Diplomain Mechanical Engineering has given me experience with calculus and more advanced mathematics, including differential equations, making it easier for me to understand the modules of this course as well.Recently, I have performed my duties as a MechanicalEngineeringGraduate Trainee in Nigerian LiquefiedNatural Gas and have gained valuable skills during my employment there for the past 3 years. I have learned part of some functional area of construction, transport, and machinery, now my target is to gain detailed insight knowledge at advanced level inMechanical Engineering field as this is now one of the top subjects for career opening and career success. I havegreat communication skill and teamwork capabilities which has made me appreciative and open to other cultures. I often need to work alone so I have learnt how to work independently and how to be autonomous - skills that are important if I need to work in the global industries. Furthermore, my home countries’ organizational structures are mainly developed like UKs. Therefore, employers recognize and value UK degrees in my home country of Nigeria. That is why I have decided to expand my career by studying the Bachelor of Engineering with Honours Mechanical Engineeringprogram at Birmingham City University to enhance my academic platform and professional qualifications and skills. After completion, I want to return to my country to pursue my career as a Sustainability Engineer, Automation Support Engineer,Project Engineer or Mechanical Design Engineer at large companies such as Julius Berger Nigeria Plc, Petrobras and Chevron Nigeria.

In my country, education system is theory based and learning materials are not adjusted with latest developments. Degrees do not maintain international standards. Due to this, degrees are not recognized and valued. Tuition fees are commercialized heavily day by day. Degrees do not develop transferable skills like the UK. Political chaos makes harder to achieve the degree easily in time. The education system of Nigeriais lagging far behind the UK.

I am determined to study this course in the UK as the study environment in my country is quite different and we get to study with only the national students. Furthermore, the political chaos makes it harder for students to get the degree without any delay. On the other hand, the UK has a great multicultural and diversified student community which is an opportunity for me to learn with lot of students from different nationalities. UK education brand is highly respected by employers in our country as UK degree prepare graduates with academic competencies, developed personal and professional skills that are imperative for organizational success. The transferrable skills graduates carry forward from UK are pivotal for transforming organizational growth and gain competitive advantages. This is also a reason to study again in UK.

97% of Birmingham City University students are in employment or further study within six months of graduating, the seventh best in the UK. Whatever BCU course I choose, the University will give me the opportunity to get ahead in my career, earn a bigger salary and reach my full potential. Birmingham City University has over 715,000 books and nearly 28,000 print and electronic journals across its seven libraries and learning centres. Each library reflects the subjects taught at that campus; for example, the City South Campus is home to the Mary Seacole Library, one of the biggest specialist health libraries in the UK. This university brings workplace into classrooms so it will be beneficial for me to attain my personal career objectives by practicing in this type of learning environment. Many BCU courses offer work placements with leading companies such as Microsoft, Cisco, Sony and Cartier. Working alongside these companies enables the University to provide cutting edge course criteria and give students a unique first-hand insight into some of the largest companies in the world. I sincerely feel that my talent will definitely be put to optimal use, thereby helping me get closer to my dreams and aspirations.

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