SOP - BSc (Hons) International Tourism with Hospitality Management

09 July, 2022


SOP - BSc (Hons) International Tourism with Hospitality Management

Note: the example personal statement (statement of purpose) below is for guidelines only and to help you understand how to write one - do not copy any part of it. When applying to universities, write your own personal statement (statement of purpose) according to your profile for the course you are applying. Please check HERE for detailed guidelines on how to write a personal statement (statement of purpose).

The course I am intending to pursue is BSc (Hons) International Tourism with Hospitality Management at University of Bedfordshire. This course will help me to understand the changing nature of international tourism as well as the challenges and the rapid growth of Hospitality Management in industries. Moreover, the course will prepare me academically and professionally which will boost my career prospects. I want to do career in this field and I am pretty sure that this program will equip me with lot of tools and skills required to do so.

I am a person who has always greediness in learning. I have completed my International General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCE Ordinary Level) from Cambridge Assessment International Education, Dhaka, Bangladesh in 2018. Thereafter, I earn my International Advanced Level from Pearson Edexcel International, British Council, Bangladesh. All throughout my entire student life, I have accumulated useful knowledge, communication skills and analytical skills with various experiences. I choose to grow up my career in tourism and hospitality management because of its fast-changing, dynamic, and highly competitive field. However, my previously earned skills and knowledge’s will help me to complete my chosen course. I choose the UK as my study destination because I believe the UK is the ideal setting for refining my expertise in tourism and Hospitality management while also acquiring a broader, international viewpoint. I confident that the BSc (Hons) International Tourism with Hospitality Management programme at the University of Bedfordshire will create more opportunities for me with added knowledge and skills in addition to my current strengths.

Upon my research, I am able to know that the BSc (Hons) International Tourism with Hospitality Management is designed to meet industry needs which will play a vital role to enhance my employability. I will also be able to learn the appropriate tools and techniques, and research methods of International Tourism and Hospitality Management in an international context. Furthermore, the course maintains a professional standard of conduct and behavior which will increase my knowledge of the fundamentals of hospitality and tourism management. Getting an opportunity to study this course will open up various job role in my home country such as Hotel Manager, Travel Consultant, and Operation Manager of Hotel. I always have a keen interest in this field and I believe that my personal attributes, academic achievements make me a suitable candidate for the course.

According to the University of Bedfordshire site, I have found some highly contemporary modules in this BSc (Hons) International Tourism with Hospitality Management programme such as Business of Tourism and Hospitality, Business Practice Explored, Consumer Behaviour, Intercultural Competence In Business, Understanding

Tourism And Hospitality, Using Data To Build Business Practice, Career In Practice, Cultural Tourism And Heritage Management, Events And Destination Marketing, International Hospitality Operations, Managing Service In The Hospitality Sector, Tourism And Society, Continuing Professional Development, Critical Issues In Tourism And Hospitality, Hospitality And Sustainable Development, Research Methods, Research Project, and Strategic Management For Hospitality And Events. These modules will help me to broaden my knowledge of educational and tourism with hospitality management areas on an international level. On top of this, the various assessment methods will help me to develop my critical thinking skills and enable me to gain valuable experience to use within the workplace. This has motivated me a lot to pursue this BSc course at the University of Bedfordshire. I am certain that my chosen program is right for me and that possessing this BSc degree would ensure better employment opportunities and a successful career back home. I aim to develop my career as a Hotel Manager in a well renowned tourism and hospitality sectors of my home country. I hope I will demonstrate my academic ability to study at this level and achieve my career goal.

I have chosen UK for pursuing my BSc (Hons) because UK is an English-speaking country and it has a rich cultural diversity. It is said that Alumni who are currently studying in UK about its environment and other things like higher quality of education and high standard of living. My home country’s learning materials are not adjusted with the latest developments. Degrees do not maintain proper standard. That’s why degrees are not internationally recognized and valued. But, UK qualification is highly regarded and most of the employers of my home country have an eye for those who have a UK degree because of the distinct curriculums and mode of education they provide. UK is home to some of the best universities in the world and are placed high in the world rankings. There is a total of 143 universities in the UK, 108 of which are in England, 19 in Scotland, 8 universities in Wales and 8 in Northern Ireland. Of the top 10 universities in the world, 4 are held by UK institutions. Owing to educational excellence of these universities, there are a total of 485,645 international students studying in the UK, representing over 100 different countries. Candidates will have the opportunity to take part in world-class research that have direct influence on many international affairs, such as vaccine research, innovative business idea development, and more. Students can choose from over 64 different subject areas, offering over 50,000 different courses. The degrees awarded by UK universities are recognized all over the world by recruiters and academics alike and most universities have a graduate employability rate of almost 90%. After considering these facts, it was not very difficult for me to choose UK as the sole target for my further studies.

I have compared University of Bedfordshire with all the alternatives and have decided this is where I would like to study. This decision is due to the university’s good reputation in teaching, research and with their industry links. University of Bedfordshire is ranked ‘Silver’ in TEF ranking. To support students the University have invested heavily in their facilities to shape the physical and intellectual environment of learning. 91% of graduates in work and/or further study within six months of graduating (DLHE 2018). Moreover, the University have campuses with excellent facilities. Tutors are highly-qualified academic and most of them have received National Teaching Fellowship Awards. Moreover, The University of Bedfordshire is a member of The Association for Tourism in Higher Education (ATHE) which is the subject association for tourism in higher education in the UK. It would be a great achievement for me if I get the opportunity to study at the University of Bedfordshire.

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