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30 October, 2022

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Apply to Study in the UK from Morocco

Study in the UK from Morocco to improve your English and gain top world class degree to boost your career – work in the UK after post your study and become a capable candidate for skilled work visa.

From African continent Morocco is the 2nd largest sender of international students for higher education abroad. The prestigious UK degree is seen as opening job opportunities for Moroccan students as UK degrees and learning of English language provide competitive edge in the Moroccan labour market. An Erudera study shows Moroccan students in the UK Increased by 51% in 6 Years (between 2014-2015 and 2019-2020). In 2020-2021, the number increased by 30%, just within a year (Hespress EN).

The number of students from Morocco in the UK over the past academic years:

Academic years Number of Moroccan students in the UK
2017-2018 760
2018-2019 870
2019-2020 975
2020-2021 1265

Source: (Hespress EN)

To meet this increased demand in UK higher education by Moroccan students, Total Student Care (TSC) has been providing end to end services from initial query to admission application and student visa processing support.

Apply to study in the UK from Morocco. Admissions are open at our partner universities in the UK – submit your initial application to commence your Study UK journey.

Study in the UK – Key Information

Academic level
Level 3 to Level 8

Qualification type
Foundation, Undergraduate, Postgraduate & Doctorate

Study mode
Full-time, part-time or on-line

0.5 year to 4 years*

Throughout the year*


Study UK – submit admission inquiry

* indicates required

Why choose Total Student Care (TSC) to study in the UK

Total Student Care is an award winning education agent and UK university admission expert. We take your stress to make you happy and we are widely known for providing total student care.

  1. Offering 15,000+ courses at 100+ study locations
  2. Availing almost any subject and year-round intakes
  3. Helping students from any country, on-line and off-line
  4. Providing end-to-end services, almost 24/7
  5. Maintaining 99% visa success rate
  6. Equipping 15+ years accumulative admission experience

Cost of Studying in the UK for Moroccan Students

The cost breakdowns below are average figures of expenses that a typical Moroccan student will spend on commonly studied subjects at commonly chosen universities in the UK while living a UK life like other international students. However, these costs may vary for certain courses at top universities. For living and maintenance costs, students are in control and can choose to spend more or less as per their financial ability or necessity. This is a general guideline for Moroccan students to prepare for their budget to study in the UK.

Tuition Fee

Course Level Average Cost (GBP) Average Cost (MAD)
Foundation courses (Full fees) 10000 to 15000 124147 to 186221
Undergraduate courses (per year) 11000 to 15000 136562 to 186221
Postgraduate courses (Full fees) 11000 to 16000 136562 to 198635
Doctorate courses (per year) 14000 to 16000 173806 to 198635

Most of the universities offer some scholarship ranging from GBP 500 to GBP 5000 which will reduce tuition fee cost.

Living cost and Maintenance costs per month

Details Average Cost (GBP) Average Cost (MAD)
Accommodation 400 to 500 4966 to 6207
Utility bills 30 to 40 372 to 497
Travel 100 to 150 1241 to 1862
Food 140 to 180 1738 to 2235
Mobile phone 10 to 30 124 to 372
Entertainment 40 to 100 497 to 1241
Other casual irregular costs 20 to 50 248 to 621

Students get 30% discount on travel card and different types of discount on shopping.

Visa application and IHS (International Health Surcharge) fee

Details Cost (GBP) Cost (MAD)
Student visa application (One-off) 348 4320
IHS (per year) 470 5835

Visa application and IHS (International Health Surcharge) fee may change per year by Home Office. Please check visa application fees calculator & IHS fees calculator to find out how much you will have to pay for your application.

For up-to-date currency rate, please check oanda.com.

Earnings from working in the UK on student visa

Students will have the right to work while continuing their studies in the UK i.e. 10 hours per week if they are studying foundation course, 20 hours per week studying a bachelor, masters or PhD course. Students will be able to work full time per week during holiday period in between your course.

Student earning in the UK per month

Details Average earning from student job (GBP) Average earning student job (MAD)
Part-time work 460 to 800 5711 to 9932
Full-time work 1600 to 2000 19864 to 24830

Popular subjects Moroccan Students choose to study in the UK

The most popular subjects Moroccan students choose to study at UK universities include:

  • Automotive Engineering
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Architecture
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • Environment Management
  • Geology
  • Project Management
  • Water Management
  • Renewable Energy
  • Health Sciences
  • Life Sciences
  • Nursing
  • Business
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Computer Science
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Data Analytics
  • Teacher Training.
  • Education
  • Mathematics
  • English
  • Physics
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Biology

Documents required for admission application

In general, initially students are required to provide the following documents for university admission applications:

  • All final official academic certificates and transcripts
  • Two academic reference letters
  • Up-to-date CV
  • Passport
  • English Language proficiency certificate i.e. IELTS
  • Personal statement of purpose
  • Research proposal (for MPhil, PhD course)
  • Portfolio of works (for art/design/architecture/film etc. course)
  • ACCA registration confirmation for ACCA course
  • Past visa refusal documents (if applicable)

Why choose to study in the UK from Morocco?

9 top reasons Indonesian students choose to study in the UK

  • World-class UK degree to open prestigious career
  • Achieving latest academic knowledge and practical skills
  • Learning in impartial & harassment-free academic environment
  • Improved communication in English for competitiveness
  • Gaining transferrable & soft skills to add value to the degree
  • Enrichment of human capital in Moroccan labour market
  • Earning during study visa and post study work visa
  • Switching to skilled work visa to craft a career in the UK
  • Immigration opportunity to stay back in the UK


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)s

Q What is the entry requirement for UK undergraduate courses from Morocco?

A Applicants with the following quali?cations will be considered for entry on an undergraduate degree:

  • Brevet de Technicien Superieur
  • Diplôme du Baccalauréat 14/20
  • Diplôme de Technicien Specialise
  • British/International A Levels (from a minimum 112 UCAS tariff points depending on course)
  • IB Diploma (from a minimum 25 points depending on course)
  • Second and final year entry of a bachelor's degree may be available for those with a Higher National Diploma (HND) from the UK
  • A recognised foundation course

Applicants who have taken the Moroccan Baccalaureate will need to successfully complete a University-recognised foundation programme before joining an undergraduate course.

Q What is the entry requirement for UK postgraduate courses from Morocco?

A Applicants with the following quali?cations will be considered for entry on a postgraduate course:

  • Diplôme d’Ecoles Nationales de Commerce et de Gestion 14/20
  • Licence with 14/20
  • Degree equivalent to UK Honours bachelor’s degree (2.2 minimum)
  • Diplôme du Cycle Normal 14/20
  • Diplôme d’Ingenieur d’Etat 14/20
  • Master’s degree study (entry on Doctoral degree)
Q Are there mosques in the UK to offer prayer and halal food available for Muslim students?

A There are big Muslim communities living across all cities of UK and all local areas have mosques to offer prayers. Most of the UK universities have multi-faith rooms/space available for students of different religions. Many local shops and some superstore sell hall foods and there are numerous restaurants everywhere in the UK run by Muslim owners including Moroccan.

QWhere are the UK visa application centres in Morocco?

A There are two UK visa application centres in Morocco: Rabat & Casablanca. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Casablanca UK visa application centre is currently closed until further notice. Please check TLScontact for further updates on centres and available services. Check Rabat Visa Application Centre for address, opening times, services etc.

Once you submit your visa application online, pay the student visa application fee and IHS fee via gov.uk website, you will then be asked to book an appointment with TLScontact by creating a TLScontact account. You can then book an appointment at your chosen visa application centre from the available dates and times. You may wish to buy additional optional services TLScontact Visa Application Centres offer.

Q How much money and what financial evidence I will need to show to apply for UK student visa?

A The money and evidence you will need to show for UK student visa application depends on your situation, course fees, university locations, if you are applying with dependents etc. Please check our UK student visa: Financial evidence – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) guide for details.

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