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Note: the example personal statement (statement of purpose) below is for guidelines only and to help you understand how to write one - do not copy any part of it. While applying to universities, write your own personal statement (statement of purpose) according to your profile for the course you are applying. Please check HERE for detailed guidelines on how to write a personal statement (statement of purpose).

It gives me great pleasure to apply for the PGD Strategic Leadership and Executive Management programme at the Westminster Kingsway College, a publicly funded highly trusted college in Central London.

I have made the decision, after careful thought and extensive research, to study this programme as my higher education in the UK with the vision to gain skills that would enhance my knowledge and competency at higher level academically and professionally. This would allow me to prepare myself for professional career and its developments.

This PGD course is designed with modules including developing the executive manager, making informed decisions, leadership in practice, developing the reflective leader, the leadership journey, leading change in organisations, developing and implementing corporate policy and strategy, financial appraisal of proposed capital projects, managing corporate risk, team working in organisational partnerships, leading programmes, leading project implementation focus mainly on leadership with features of management at executive levels. The study of the above areas would allow me to reflect on my management knowledge while learning leadership in the role of a manager.

Prior to my Post Study Work visa, I had completed an MBA – this degree had provided me with theoretical knowledge of generic business and management knowledge. It is at my Post Study Work period when I took up a management position at Costa Coffee, I realised my deficiency in skills in practical aspects of management and lack of leadership quality. This PGD has brought an immense opportunity to complement my current academic knowledge and work experience with professional knowledge and look into the management with newer view and aspects.

It is important to mention that my knowledge of the MBA degree from the UK and my BSS degree in economics from the Bangladesh will give me an advantage in learning from the PGD since those will complement the learning outcomes of this course due to similar structure in syllabus in some extents.

But the study of this life-skill course would provide me with advanced skills and efficiency that I have been looking forward to achieve. From the study I aim to learn leading change which includes the change processes, and places an emphasis on cultural change, implementing change for political or organisational or people-oriented actions. Teamwork – the leadership required for building and facilitating team learning and decision-making in functional teams, cross-functional teams, self-managed work teams (semi-autonomous work groups), self-defining teams and virtual teams and attributions and the effectiveness of executive teams. Leadership development - formal training, developmental activities and self-help activities. Ethical leadership and diversity - ethical behaviour as well as initiating efforts to stop unethical practices, Sex-based discrimination in the selection and promotion of leaders. 

Since the course offer executive management as part of the learning, this will further enhance my current knowledge in management to executive – higher level. As a prospective executive, I intend to learn how to apply entrepreneurial and strategic tools, techniques, and concepts in ways that help the firm create increasing amounts of wealth within six domains: innovation, networks, internationalization, organizational learning, top management teams and governance, and growth. Both the strategic leadership and executive management traits together would make the qualification unique and the attainments most demanding to concurrent industry.

The work placement part of the course would allow me to transform my theoretical learning into applied skills – this will also consolidate the learning to give professional edge. The work experience would enrich my CV and open opportunities to get into career market with confidence and prestige.

I have chosen the Westminster Kingsway College because it is one of the major providers of this programme. The faculty is designed with industry experienced tutors in the area of learning and help for everything I will need to know to achieve my qualification. The college also has learner consultants and career advisors to bring the best out of the students and facilitate success post qualification. The college recognise the challenges that students face in today’s global environment.

The college has been awarded the matrix quality standard which is a benchmark for nationality quality standard. The college boasts of industry-standard equipment and modern facilities including up to date books, e-learning tools and access to computer and internets. It maintains safe environment for international students and hosts diverse student population. I believe, the academic and learning environment at West King would be an outstanding experience in my student life.