MSc International Human Resource Management

23 May, 2015


MSc International Human Resource Management

Note: the example personal statement (statement of purpose) below is for guidelines only and to help you understand how to write one - do not copy any part of it. When applying to universities, write your own personal statement (statement of purpose) according to your profile for the course you are applying. Please check HERE for detailed guidelines on how to write a personal statement (statement of purpose).

I want to pursue my higher education at University of Bedfordshire for the MSc International Human Resource Management in November 2021 intake. I want to study this course to enhance my current academic credentials and prepare myself as a career ready graduate with required skills and knowledge for my future managerial role (HR & Admin ) at BEXIMCO Textile Limited , Bangladesh. I strongly believe that this course will meet the requirement with relevant skills and knowledge for my professional career position.

After my secondary and higher secondary education, I have completed my Bachelor of Business Administration with Human Resource Management in 201 which provided me with an academic platform in the area. To gain some professional experience, I have joined at L.B Green Flower High School for the position of Accounts & Admin Assistant in my home country and I have been working there from September 2018 to till now. Doing research about my career, I have realized that I need an internationally recognized qualification which will allow me to manage a better and secure professional career position. The skills, knowledge and experience I have gained from my academic level will assist to equip me with a master qualification at your university as I have studied core subjects of business including management, marketing, accounting and finance, economics, and organization along with intermediate and some advanced courses on HR. In addition, I have achieved basic HR and administrative skills from my current profession along with organizational skills, management skills, communication skills, time management skills and so on. These will help to understand some topics of this masters course. . Therefore, pursuing this MSc qualification from your institution would be appropriate to become an industry professional in the area of HR & Admin.

I want to study this course due its practical learning approach, global professional recognition, international exposure and unique and appropriate modules for my future career aspirations. The foremost reason to pursue this course because I have some theoretical gaps in strategic management and leadership, project management and consultancy skills, in depth understanding regarding HRM, and advanced research knowledge which I am looking to cover from this postgraduate programme offered by the University of Bedfordshire. I believe that this strategically challenging and internationally recognized degree can prepare me with the right directions for my future career. Furthermore, this course will prepare me to become a career ready graduate with industry needs. There are enormous benefits of studying this course which inspired me to pursue this course. I am aiming to develop my skills and knowledge from this postgraduate degree which include research skills, business plan and execution methods, problem solving, analytical skills, leadership skills, decision making abilities, employee relation, organizational behaviour, performance management skills, excellent communication skills. These will surely assist me to become a successful HR professional. Furthermore, the course modules of this programme have been designed with the global context of HR in the organization with an employability practice-based approach.

By studying this course, I will develop practical business skills, project management skills, business plan and execution, research methods and techniques and put those knowledge and skills into professional practice. Furthermore, this course will provide me abilities to achieve multicultural and intercultural competencies and build practical skills and knowledge regarding team working, communication, problem dealings, strategic marketing, analytical assessment and so on. Additionally, this course will provide me skills and knowledge regarding contemporary and in-depth understanding regarding HR issues including internal and external environments of the business organization. Additionally, I will be able to analyse and apply conceptual frameworks, HR strategies into practical HR solutions. These will surely assist me to become a successful industry professional. Additionally this qualification will provide me knowledge and understanding of Principles and practice of HRM in the global dimensions, critical analysis of global HR models, and the capabilities required to work at a strategic level in MNCs.

With this international qualification and the skills, knowledge and experience from the UK, I believe that I can manage a sound professional position in my home country. Similarly, previous graduates managed a better professional and developed their career when they returned to our home country. My future plan is to join as a Manager ( HR & Admin) at Bashundhara Textile Limited, Bangladesh ( Bashundhara group is one the largest group of companies in Bangladesh) . I have already discussed the prospects with the managing director of that company and he encouraged me to pursue this degree to be part of his company. I am confident that I can take the best opportunity in a HR & Admin position in this organization. I wish to see myself as a Director of HR in the future in that company.

I want to study this course at your university rather than other universities such as Teesside University and University of South Wales, so that some unique course contents include Performance Achievement Planning, Professional Practice, Talent Resourcing And Development and Leading People In Creative Teams inspired me to select this university over others as these modules are most relevant for my future professional role of assistant HR manager. In addition, the library and learning resources facilities are outstanding in this university where a seven-storey library building is open 24/7 days at Luton campus. According to the NSS (National Student Survey) 2019, UOB placed 16th as most improved in learning resources and top 15th as most improved in organization and management. Furthermore, the Business School of BEDS is the 1st Business School in the UK to achieve the award for Business School Impact System (BSIS). The unique block teaching systems for masters courses also fascinated me to choose this university over others as only one unit will be taught in one block. Consequently, it will assist to gain depth understanding in each specific module. There are some distinct features and unique facilities which are offered by BEDS in my chosen course including Professional and Academic Development (PAD) team help to develop writing, maths and study skills and assist on assignment or assessment feedback and Drop in sessions with the Study Hub Team which helps to develop academic skills and improve assignment writing techniques. Beside this, the location of the University of Bedfordshire is excellent compared to other two universities. For instance- Luton is 2.5km from the Campus with London Luton Airport and 30 minutes train journey with centre London.

The factors which appeal to me to select the UK as the destination of my higher education due to the following reasons. Firstly, the standard and quality of British education systems have much more global exposure and are recognised by major employers around the world. Specifically, major corporations of Bangladesh provide a high preference to UK graduates with handsome salaries with top-level positions because of practical and professional experience along with a degree. Secondly, studying in the UK will give me opportunities to acquire a degree in 3 years while in Bangladesh and other major decisions take 4 years or more. Consequently, it will be beneficial in case saving money and time and open the door to start a career earlier which will allow me to get a return on investment quicker compared to other countries. Furthermore, UK universities are highly focused to prepare their graduates for the present world’s industry demands along with modern education systems through the latest academic tools, seminars, internships, placement, workshops, company visits, presentations and so on. Moreover, the UK is the most welcoming and one of the 2nd best popular destinations for the global students and the most multicultural country in the world has been reported by (HESA). Studying in the UK will provide me to become truly connected globally and international networking opportunities while studying in Bangladesh would have allow me to be connected only with home students.

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