MBA with pre-master's

17 April, 2018


MBA with pre-master's

Note: the example personal statement (statement of purpose) below is for guidelines only and to help you understand how to write one - do not copy any part of it. When applying to universities, write your own personal statement (statement of purpose) according to your profile for the course you are applying. Please check HERE for detailed guidelines on how to write a personal statement (statement of purpose).

A recent graduate of Political Science, I have been in search of scopes for job opportunities in my home country and found very limited options let alone extreme competition in Bangladesh Job Market where unemployment rate is too high. The analysis has prompted me to re-think and plan realistically for further study options that can facilitate more and better career prospects. An evaluation of the current trends of the job market in Bangladesh, I have established that an MBA degree can earn me the entry ticket to wide range of career opportunities and prospects of developing it to higher position. After adjusting my career goals, I have made the decision to study an MBA course.

I have researched a range of options for my prospective MBA study and opted to follow the course with pre-master’s and work placement. As I am from different academic background, I want to prepare myself first before I start my master’s degree. The pre-master’s course will help to build a foundation and develop a fundamental knowledge and understanding of the basic principles of the MBA course. Besides, the study will develop my intellectual, practical and communication skills that will be required to follow the MBA. 

At the pre-master’s level, from The Interactive Learning Skills and Communication for Postgraduate Study module, I will learn skills for independent and collaborative learning, effective communication skills in all forms, presentation, group discussion, data interpretation, critical thinking and analysis, reflective thinking skills, Examination techniques and knowledge of dissertation. The Applied Concepts module will help to learn how to put theory into practice and produce written report at master’s level. The Research Methods for Postgraduate Study will prepare me for the dissertation that I will need to do at MBA stage. I will learn the various stages of research and gain knowledge of qualitative, quantitative data and other mixed methods of research. The Creative and Critical Thinking will develop my critical thinking skills, analytical ability and effective argument making skills. The pre-master’s study, indeed, will provide a strong platform and make well prepared for the MBA course that requires prior business management acumen. 

I have chosen the work placement options as I do not have any prior work experience in the business management area. Alongside the premier management qualification MBA from a UK University, the practical skills from a UK company will enrich my profile and add extra value to my achievements. This will give me competitive edge and I will be career-ready immediately after finishing the degree. It will be easier for me to beat the competition and grab my coveted position with competence and confidence. 

On completion, I aim to return to my home country to open my career. I have plan to join the Central Bank, Bangladesh Bank or the famous Grameen Bank in management position.  I can develop this to higher management role in few years and create further opportunities in international platform.

For the MBA study, I have considered institutions in my home country as well before making my decision to study in the UK. In Bangladesh, most of the universities follow old traditional system tuition and examination assessments are memory based. There are very limited seats at few good universities where overcrowded students contend with limited success. Top of this, political and social instability affects quality and on time completion of qualification. This often takes serious tolls of opportunity costs and the end results turns cheaper study option into more expensive one as other good opportunities elsewhere go missing. On the other hand, tuition at UK Universities are practice-based through seminars, group works, presentations & major parts of assessments are course work and project based. The teaching style in the UK helps students to develop personally with creativity, innovation, motivation, confidence, persuasion, interpersonal, communications and leadership skills & professionally with soft skills, analytical, critical appreciation, decision making, research & cognitive skills. These transferrable skills add excellent value to academic qualifications and personal profile. By studying in the UK, I can take the benefits of this education that is related, relevant and demanding in the globalised world. Unlike my home country, I will not gain only the qualification certificate, I will be career-ready a top contender for top jobs. 

I have chosen to study the MBA at University of Northampton (UoN) because with a well established reputation as a forward thinking and modern university, the university offers a vibrant and stimulating environment for higher education. The university is one of the ‘Gold’ ranked universities in the UK in the Teaching Excellence Framework. As a student at The University of Northampton you will find a great combination of high quality academic provision, first-class resources and a friendly, supportive learning environment to transform lives and inspire change. 

The university arranges work placements, internships and volunteering opportunities to complement the theoretical learning with practical skills as required by the course. The University of Northampton offers more than just a good degree. The Changemaker Hub, Employability Plus services prepare students with employability skills. The UniTemps job agency supports students to get jobs and 96% of  UoN graduates are in employment within 6 months of graduation. The £8.5million University of Northampton Innovation Centre offers business support and advice for businesses in the social enterprise sector. Students have the opportunity to work with these businesses on placements and internships. It is a great educational institute to study an MBA course.

The pre-master’s is delivered at the UoN’s on-campus Associate College, University of Northampton’s International College (UNIC), located at UoN’s Park Campus. I will enjoy the same UoN facilities and resources while doing the pre-master’s. In fact, at pre-master’s stage the tuition will be more intensive and delivered with one-to-one supports. The total package of my course will be an excellent academic journey towards my bright future. 


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