PS - MSc Accounting and Finance [Advanced Diploma Route]

07 July, 2022


PS - MSc Accounting and Finance [Advanced Diploma Route]

Note: the example personal statement (statement of purpose) below is for guidelines only and to help you understand how to write one - do not copy any part of it. When applying to universities, write your own personal statement (statement of purpose) according to your profile for the course you are applying. Please check HERE for detailed guidelines on how to write a personal statement (statement of purpose).

I am willing to study the MSc Accounting and Finance [Advanced Diploma Route] programme at BPP University. The course is ideal for starting a successful career through invaluable insights and practical knowledge which will be playing a vital role to achieve my future career goal.

After completing my HSC & SSC in Science group, I completed my Bachelor of Arts and Masters in Da’wah and Islamic Studies. During my school days, I had taken part in debates, speeches, and sports competitions. I am able to understand procedures and instructions and to be able to think critically and logically. Right now, I am working as an Assistant Teacher at Sylhet Cambrian School and College. Here, I learned how to communicate with people. I first have the idea of earning a higher qualification in Accounting and Finance when one of my friends told me about what he does in his role as finance manager of an international company; he inspired me to look deeper into the field and that was where my interest in accounting and finance was first rooted. The MSc Accounting and Finance [Advanced Diploma Route] programme will earn me a Master’s degree and the status of being ACCA exam qualified, which is one of the key requirements to becoming an Affiliate member of ACCA. I think this MSc Accounting and Finance [Advanced Diploma Route] programme at BPP University is the right choice for me to achieve my career goal.

I have researched that the length of this MSc programme is thirty months with seven terms. The Advanced Diploma in Accounting & Finance (ADAF) requires 9 ACCA papers to be completed in year 1. These modules include Accountant in Business, Management Accounting, Financial Accounting, Corporate and Business Law, Performance Management, Taxation, Financial Reporting, Audit and Assurance, Financial Management. The modules includes in MSc Accounting and Finance are Strategic Business Leader, Strategic Business Reporting, Business Project, Principles of Data Science for Business, Advanced Financial Management, Advanced Performance Management, Advanced Taxation, Advanced Audit and Assurance, Digital Leadership, and Business Project (from term 2). This course will develop critical understanding on key concepts of main accounting and analytical skills to design solution for problems in business arena. Earlier I studied Mathematics, Research Methodology, Advanced English, Bangladesh Economics which will help me to understand and complete this MSc Accounting and Finance [Advanced Diploma Route] programme. After completing this MSc degree, I aim to develop my career as a Financial Analyst or Chief Accountant in an international firm in my home country.

UK is one of the world’s leading destinations for international students. So that I prefer to studying the UK instead of studying in my home or another country. UK Education provides the latest academic knowledge, practical tools, techniques, applied knowledge, practical approach in learning. In Bangladesh degrees do not maintain international standard and have not got international accreditations. Also, learning materials are not adjusted with latest developments. On the other hand, UK prepares their students with soft skills. In my home country tuition is provided to get students to pass the course, no ‘soft skills’ given. But in the UK, students are developed personally, academically and professionally and become career-ready. The tuition fees and living costs are high in many cities that does not provide proper living standard for international students. UK course duration is shorter than other countries and Course fees, living costs are less when compared to other countries. My home countries’ organizational structures are mainly developed similar to UKs. Therefore, employers are more comfortable with UK graduates. So I think earning a UK degree will valuable for my career.

BPP University known as University for the Professions, also dedicated to preparing students for a professional career with a strong commercial approach. The university is a UK degree- awarding body with four schools. The University won ‘’the best higher education provider in the UK and largest education provider in Europe award 2013’’ (Education Investor Award). BPP University has over 40 years’ experience in educating accounting professionals. The University works with 6 of the 9 major UK banks; 8 of the top 10 professional services firms. Professionals from 90% FTSE 100 companies take training from BPP. Tutors are most of who have real-world practitioner experience and ensure students have the practical skills and academic knowledge needed for success. The ACCA approved learning materials will give access to the best resources students need to achieve exam success. BPP provides a diverse and multicultural study environment with students from over 100 countries. I want to grab the opportunity to study my chosen course at the University like BPP.

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