The ACCA Course

22 May, 2015


The ACCA Course

Note: the example personal statement (statement of purpose) below is for guidelines only and to help you understand how to write one - do not copy any part of it. When applying to universities, write your own personal statement (statement of purpose) according to your profile for the course you are applying. Please check HERE for detailed guidelines on how to write a personal statement (statement of purpose).

Though I have very strong academic achievements and qualifications, I have realised my attainments have enabled me extensive theoretical knowledge which requires transformation with professional skills and competences. Moreover, the theoretical parts of learning can be further explored with critical analysis techniques and tools. This findings in my skills shortage have prompted me to decide to study ACCA programme that offer professional edge with advanced learning in area of business and finance.

ACCA qualification enables trainees to become a Chartered Accountant but I am aware of the fact that in today’s perspectives, accounting is no more ‘a counting’ of figures. Today, accountants are actively involved in the analysis and interpretation of financial data and work with other executives in decision-making and problem solving activities. The course explores all aspects of financial, business and management accounting, providing students with the practical and relevant skills that students need to work within the business and organisations. The qualification develops a wide range of skills, including business and commercial awareness, problem-solving, critical and statistical analysis, oral and written communication, influencing, negotiation, leadership and decision making.

In fact, the study of ACCA provides a stimulating and intellectually demanding approach to analysing how accounting is implicated in a range of organisational and institutional processes of calculation, reporting and evaluation. The papers introduce students to the different ways in which accounting shapes organisations and institutions across a range of different contexts and explore the interface between accounting, risk management systems and accountability. The study equips to learn the key design issues for accounting and management control systems and their operation and regulation in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors. The ethical codes and professional behaviours of fundamental principles of the qualification draw respects and confidence from others. Therefore, the achievements are endless; possibilities are unlimited for an ACCA qualified member.

Though at a lesser extent and at a below level, In my BA Business Studies I have studied subjects that are directly related to most of the ACCA Papers since they have similar syllabus. It is in my MBA, I have studied areas that are at advanced level and include Financial Management and Control, Managing and Leading People, Operations Management, International Business Environment, Marketing Management, Global Corporate Strategy, Information Management, Management Accounting and Control. Irrespective of subject titles, I see extensive similarities in knowledge with syllabus of few ACCA papers with these MBA modules. This would give me an advantage to understand ACCA papers with ease and confidence. Given the difficult nature of ACCA in terms of passing them with sufficient understanding, I will be in favourable position to take control and perform outstanding results. I will be able to complement and add value to my study by transferring those prior learning from similar studies at my BA and MBA.

I have already explained earlier the academic benefits and dividends I intend to reap from this investment of time and efforts in further education. Once qualified, I can gain career progressions as financial managers, bank and insurance managers, multinational funds managers, investment analysts, financial researchers in stockbroking firms, banks and government departments, corporate financial managers or treasurers, security and derivatives traders, management consultants, corporate advisors in merchant banks, public accounting firms, and management consulting firms, tax advisor, internal or external auditor, business developer or financial accountants in large multinational private practice. The study, indeed, would be highly rewarding in developing and cultivating my career.

I have chosen to study this course at BPP University because in my knowledge, this university is the best tuition provider in the whole world for ACCA programme. The universities innovative teaching techniques have been developed over 35 years of teaching experience in ACCA and the teaching incorporates skills development elements in consultations with leading employers. The faculty is designed with tutors from professional background and they are committed to pass over their professional competences and experience to students while delivering tuition. Studying in the BPP means not only getting qualified quickly, but also learning the subject from professionals and be career ready with solid understanding, practical skills, professional acumen and employability skills.

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