ACCA programme

23 May, 2015


ACCA programme

Note: the example personal statement (statement of purpose) below is for guidelines only and to help you understand how to write one - do not copy any part of it. When applying to universities, write your own personal statement (statement of purpose) according to your profile for the course you are applying. Please check HERE for detailed guidelines on how to write a personal statement (statement of purpose).

Developing countries like Bangladesh, my home country, we need Accountancy and Finance professionals equipped with Western and European qualifications accompanied by practically experienced social, cultural and economic activities practised there. There was a time, it had been almost impossible to gain access to these special qualifications by students in general. ACCA (The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) – the largest accountancy body has extended its welcoming hands for everybody. Now, everybody has the golden opportunity to learn and earn the knowledge and skills it has to offer for businesses worldwide.

The interrelated colourful spectrum of corporate world demands huge manpower of different technical skills and hands on knowledge. In the unlimited arena of this high rising business empire, I have found myself befitting as a Business Executive, Financial Consultant, Business Analyst, Brand Manager or a Professional Accountant. I believe, the ACCA qualification – the most celebrated accountancy body, would give me the key to walk through the golden door of these unlimited possibilities.

Regardless of an economy’s fluctuation, qualified accountants are always in demand places far afield – from the Bangladesh to Britain, from Dhaka to Dubai. Hired to maintain individual or corporate finances, their role as economic advisors enables them to make important decisions regarding their clients’ financial futures. Even in times of economic recession, accountants are needed to assess, analyse, calculate and balance. Accounting professionals work in the mainstream of the financial world.

Unlike other accountancy body, ACCA has given the opportunity to take the qualification and experience either simultaneously or separately. This flexible approach has opened immense possibility for intended learners to become professional accountants.

For me, the world of business, management, finance, economy, accountancy has always been a key motivator to determine my career goal. I set this goal years back while I was studying my Secondary School Certificate (SSC) qualification – I chose ‘Business Studies’ to match my aspiring aim; and did took the same subject in my Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) Qualification. I have studied Introduction to Business, Accounting, Business Entrepreneurship, Mathematics, Principles of Business Practice, Accounting in these qualifications. I have strengthened these initiations by studying Marketing, Managing Financial Resources and Decisions, Business Environment, Management Accounting papers in my HND in the UK. This study has given me good platform to start higher level knowledge and skills in the area and march towards my ultimate academic and career goals.

To prepare myself further, I have studied a BA in Business Studies under the University of Gloucestershire – in this qualification, I have gained detailed knowledge in areas including Business Law & Ethics, Operations & Logistics Management, Internet Business & Ecommerce, Human Resource Management, Financial Management & Analysis, Strategic Information Management, International Business, Business Research Methodologies, Business Accounting, Communication at Work, Statistical and Quantitative Methods, Business and Managerial Economics, Personal Managerial Effectiveness, Marketing Management, Management Theories and Practice, Information Systems & Technologies – while the study of these papers have enabled me gain strong foundations in business, finance and management knowledge, modules e.g. Communication at Work, Personal Managerial Effectiveness, Business Research Methodologies have developed my professional competencies for professional higher qualifications and becoming a professional.

To carry on my current knowledge and efficiency further, I have decided to study ACCA and aim to attain the core accounting knowledge, skills, and appropriate professional values in order for me to work in any employment sector. The programme would enhance my academic knowledge and develop my professional efficiency to greater level and earn my significant progressions. After completing the professional exams, I would be capable of preparing and analysing financial accounts and reports, and giving appropriate professional advice; preparing and analysing management accounting reports, measuring, assessing and managing performance – giving appropriate professional advice; understanding the implications for – and constraints on – accountants and managers imposed by corporate and business law; preparing tax computations and giving professional advice on a range of taxation issues with regards to personal and corporate taxation; recognising the role of internal and external auditing with respect to financial review, control, accountability, and assurance; applying financial management theory and techniques in the interests of sustainable and responsible value creation, and giving appropriate professional advice on financing, investment, and distribution; managing the strategic direction of an organisation and supporting business strategy through implementing business process change by applying appropriate project, systems, and people management techniques and theories; and appreciating that an accountant must embrace and adhere to a set of professional values and behave

within an ethical framework, showing responsibility to stakeholders through operating within an effective system of governance, internal control, and risk management.

Post qualification, in the next five years, I know, I will be one of the top celebrated managers at big companies in Bangladesh. I have the courage and confidence to enjoy that success. In the next ten years, I will take it forward by becoming an aide to the government finance sector, or a freelance public sector consultant. That is the least I owe to my beloved motherland. I look forward to this achievement in the coming days very close to my reach.

I have chosen to study at BPP University because BPP has a pass rate 39% higher than the global average. The university’s Pass Ready Solution which combines Taught and Revision with Question Days/Final Mock courses, and includes Lifetime Pass Assurance is a distinct feature that is not available elsewhere. BPP Learning Media is the only ACCA Platinum Approved provider for content and the best learning media on the market. BPP provides a proven approach to exam success based on ‘learn – practise – rehearse’. Given the difficult nature of passing the ACCA exams, BPP is an ideal choice to pass ACCA papers in first attempts and qualify at the earliest. It would be a privilege to train under BPP for this high profiled programme.


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