MSc Management with Project Management

21 May, 2015


MSc Management with Project Management

Note: the example personal statement (statement of purpose) below is for guidelines only and to help you understand how to write one - do not copy any part of it. When applying to universities, write your own personal statement (statement of purpose) according to your profile for the course you are applying. Please check HERE for detailed guidelines on how to write a personal statement (statement of purpose).

As a student, I have been always in search for the knowledge and skills that would put me the right direction with concurrent trends of global business and position me in strong career role that I enjoy with thorough and complete knowledge, skills and efficiency and thus be in demands with employers as a key player.

With my BSc in Computer Science and MSc in Mathematics from India, I sought for business management knowledge from Europe to earn transferable knowledge and skills and build my career at multi-disciplinary management role like an all-rounder. It is at my MBA study stage, I figured out that general business management knowledge is not what I exactly meant to accomplish. I have reassessed my past attainments and revisited my present achievements, then after readjustments of pursuance, I have re-established my learning needs that connect my ambition and bridge my qualifications and all these meet together in the junction of project management. Driven by the urgency to get the knowledge and skill-set I have made the academic strategic decision to follow the MSc Management with Project Management programme at BPP University.

This MSc programme at BPP University is designed to provide the management skills required to progress towards senior management positions - it offers a well-balanced blend of theory and practice that can prepare me for work as a project manager in the related industry. The discipline and practice of project management therefore can provide exciting challenges and fresh opportunities for me as Project Manager, Project Co-ordinator, Project Director, Management Consultant, Contract Manager, Procurement Manager and other positions.

This course meets the needs of individuals and corporations managing change in a fast moving business and project environment. This course emphasises the need for integration in projects and leadership in performance improvement. Study of the course will enable me to learn the application of appropriate management strategies in order to effectively coordinate the realisation of complex and dynamic projects. 

The course covers areas including competitive intelligence, markets and marketing, leadership and change management, knowledge management and information systems strategy, accounting and decision making, operations management and service excellence, enterprise risk management, the fundamentals of project management, project management best practice, organisations and project management – studying these areas will equip me with the knowledge and expertise needed to plan, organise, secure and manage resources to bring about the successful completion of projects to client’s expectations and satisfaction. The tuition will also enable me to recognise the significance of process, technology and people to the success of projects; to more effectively lead, organise and plan projects; to analyse corporate practice and implement highly effective strategies for change.

The  focus  of  this  Masters  course  is  cross-industry  including entrepreneurship,  contract  and  procurement  management,  project  management  tools  and techniques, risk and quality management, the human side of management, financial analysis, business and applied management. The key to success within the field of project management is the development of these transferable skills.  These go hand-in-hand with the standards, methodologies, theories and concepts which I will gain throughout the course of study. 

This  course  at  BPP  is  designed  to  teach  these  unique  and  invaluable  skills, making graduates a  real  asset  to  any  sector  or  industry  across  the  globe. It  is  also  highly relevant  to  the  new  emerging  market  for  project  management  skills  and  processes  in professional services. It does so in an economic environment where organisations, businesses and governments are increasingly  focusing  on  the  strategic  importance  of  effective  project  management  and control, to deploy capital and attain competitive advantage. 

I have selected the Academic and Career Skills (ACS) module alongside the main course to develop my professional discourses and employability skills from professional development workshops, events, career advice, job interview techniques, professional CV construction practice and to seize the opportunity of half year work placement by taking advantages of the interview the university arranges with top employers. The ‘career ready certificate’ that comes with self-management, team working, problem solving, application of IT, communication, application of numeracy, business and customer awareness attributes could be vital edge to open my career immediately after my graduation.

My current study could not offer me all these life-skills that are the main specifications by concurrent employers. I did not find this advanced level knowledge, opportunity to gain these much higher skills from the MBA study or any other. The ACS module is a unique offering that can only be offered by the BPP University that foster professionalism, cultivate it, nurture it and transfer it to transform students as professionals. While the academic part of MBA study and my past studies will complement this MSc study due to similarities and integration in theoretical aspects, the practical features of this MSc Project management course and the Professional Development project of the ACS module will give me the distinction to stand out from the crowd and push my progressions. 

We students are not born learner, we take tuitions to learn. You would have seen that I could not finish my MBA on time. I would not fault myself for this, I would rather say that I did not get enough opportunity to learn at present place of study or I was not taught properly. While I commit myself to finish the course by self-study very soon, I am adamant to start this MSc at BPP simultaneously to utilise my study life without wasting time. I know for sure, from my research that this time I am spot on with both course and course provider.

The university, BPP is UK’s only university purely dedicated to business and professions. The lecturers are from professional background and the cultivate professional skills development acumen, strong commercial approach from beginning to end so that students develop as professionals and be employment ready on graduation.

The  tuition  is  provided  in  small  class,  the   learning  is  conducted  through  group discussion, presentation. Every single student is given personal attention and individual care with maximum contact hours with academics.   This is further complemented by VLE and email supports as and when required.

The university has purposely placed the business school campus in the centre of major business and commercial organisations so that the learning can be visualised and the prospects are seen in real worlds at real time. What a tremendous study experience it would be to be part of this great educational set up. 

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