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02 August, 2023

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Is it better to study in London or outside London?

As the UK emerges as a favoured education hub, over 160 universities exist, leaving students perplexed about studying in London or outside. This article explains key aspects to aid students in making the right decision.

Studying in the UK presents abundant opportunities for quality education and diverse courses. UK universities boast a rich heritage across domains like Engineering, Medicine, Hospitality, Arts, and more, whether in London or outside. This excerpt weighs the pros and cons of studying in London versus outside, helping overseas students make informed decisions for their academic journey.


Staying in the capital city



Being a heartthrob of the UK, London is an established educational hub for students worldwide. The experience of staying in London can be enthralling. The highly globalised city with all its privileges offers you a lavish lifestyle crafted in highly maintained facilities, sorts of amusements, galleries, nightlife, theatres and so on. In 2022, the historical city stands out as the best student city globally by QS Best Student City Ranking.



Staying in London can be financially fatiguing if you don't plan. London is a city with high maintained accommodation and travel costs. Although public transports are available, the universities in London are dotted across the city. Students studying in London need to familiarise themselves with the local transport. The busy transport during rush hours should be a situation that needs to be adjusted to. In many cases, students need to boost their earnings with part-time jobs to support their living expenses.


Academic standards in London


London is a desired destination for many students worldwide for being a core of great academic standings. Let's look into the pros and cons of the city based on the academic ranking.



London thrives with 45 universities and colleges that provide pupils with a plethora of academic courses viz. MBA, Nursing, Accounting and Finance, LLB, LLM, Medicine and so on. These universities project a global reputation for path-breaking research, facilities and lofty placements. Hence, studying in these universities is a dream for every international student.



Securing admission to these highly esteemed universities is rigorously competitive. These universities demand high academic standings with a robust statement of purpose. Usually prestigious universities only approve of A++ or A-grade students. A prolonged preparation and iron determination can be the keys to unlatching such opportunities.


Employment opportunity in London



Being an economic core, London caters to several employment scopes. The cluster of multinationals working from London creates an opportunity to attain global exposure in your career.

London is a business hub for harbouring one of the world's strongest economies. Studying in London offers access to a massive network of professionals in your preferred domain. This wide range of opportunities can be well utilised in grabbing internships, jobs, or gaining hands-on experience that can be effectively spent in your careers in the long run.



A highly globalised city like London does only rely on experienced professionals, rather than interns. It may take rigorous effort to make connections with the professionals. One may take assistance of the peers or the student organisation to acquire high professional standards.


London – a hub of cultural diversity



London is touted as a multicultural city with a rich historical background. Students studying in London tend to explore the city's celebrated historic landmarks viz. the Tower of London, the British Museum, Buckingham Palace and numerous art galleries and theaters. The city also offers numerous carnivals and festivals all around the year viz. the London Film Festival, Notting Hill Carnival, and the Chelsea Flower Show. The exposure to engaging yourself with the spirit of the city can be life-changing.



London is a busy city with a dense population. The bustling environment can be difficult to adjust to. The crowded capital approaches a hasty lifestyle which can be a challenge to adjust to.


Studying outside London


Cities outside London are dotted with ample opportunities to stay and study. Cities across South and North England are popular destinations for students. Liverpool, Manchester, Bristol and Bath are home to many prestigious universities.


Advantages of studying outside London


Remarkable academic standards


The renowned universities outside London such as Birmingham City University, De Montfort University, Queen's University Belfast, University of Essex and so on are dotted with remarkable academic standards. All these universities offer scholarships and welcome overseas students. Upon completion of their degrees, students are offered placements right away.


Inexpensive living


Studying outside London can be a cost-effective affair for students. Accommodation, transportation, and utility bills cost generally lower outside the capital city. Regional cities offer such a budget-friendly lifestyle that sometimes students may afford cars.


Well-connected transportation


The regional cities are never busy like London. Students can walk to the campus at times. Travelling across the city is less time-consuming. It takes around 25 minutes to commute from Nottingham to Leicester. London is always about 2 hours from Birmingham. The well-connected transportation enables the students to travel with ease.


The countryside of quietness


Studying outside London offers to explore the quiet countryside. Some spellbinding scenic beauty of the UK are located from the Lake District to the Scottish Highlands. A wide range of amusements such as hiking, cycling, and other outdoor activities students can enjoy. If you are not fond of the buzz and bustle of city life, it would be probably the best recommendation for you to stay outside London. The lush green landscapes and quieter environment are a nature lover’s paradise that can be best enjoyed in the regional cities of the UK.


Some setbacks of studying outside London


Less Exposure to Social and Cultural Diversity

Studying outside London may offer students a different level of engagement in socio-cultural diversity than studying in London. However, many smaller cities and towns in the UK bear a rich social and cultural diversity which may enhance an overseas student's networking ability and intellectual property.


Less scope for networking and placement

Studying outside London may limit the scope for networking in comparison to London. Access to good job opportunities sometimes depends on prolific professional connections, particularly in highly competitive fields such as finance, technology, law, and media. However, the scenario may differ depending on the institution, location and the student's industry.


Conclusively, it can be asserted that studying in London or outside London is a crucial decision which is based on ample factors, including personal preferences, academic options, placement opportunities, and budget management. There is no one-size-fits-all answer at a large. Both the provisions have their respective merits and drawbacks. Thorough research may help students make the right decision and choose the best option per requirements and ambition.

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