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English course

Get ready for the world with a British English course or improve your English language proficiency with a pre-sessional English course and progress onto your degree course at UK universities.

UK is the number one study destination to learn English language. British English is used widely across the world.

English is often regarded as the language of business. Good command in English Language is crucial for effective communications and efficiency in English is vital for international students seeking to study a higher academic course in the UK.

English courses are taken by students for self-development with a view to expand business and career internationally, obtain promotion at workplace, gain efficiency and leadership in the most dominating language of contemporary world, to learn foreign language and to prepare for higher education courses.

Types of English courses taken by International Students include:

  • Pre-sessional English (PSE)
  • English for Academic Purpose (EAP)
  • English for Academic Purpose Skills
  • SELT Test preparation English course
  • ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages)
  • EFL (English as a Foreign Language)
  • Foundation pathway English

Study in the UK – Key Information

Academic level
Level 3 to Level 8

Qualification type
English course

Study mode
Full-time, part-time or on-line

2 weeks to 11 months

Throughout the year*


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* indicates required

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Most popular English course

Pre-sessional English (PSE), the course is taken with the main course of study and taught prior to it.

English course duration

2 weeks to 11 months (depends on if the course is taken separately or with the main study programme)

English course tuition fees

Tuition fees for English course could be anything from £1,000 to £15,000 or more depending on type of course selected, course duration and the institution.

Tuition fees guide for Pre-sessional English (PSE)

Duration Tuition fees (GBP)
2 to 4 weeks £1000 to £2000
5 to 8 weeks £2500 to £3000
9 to 12 weeks £3500 to £4000
13 to 16 weeks £4000 to £5000
17 to 20 weeks £5500 to £7000

Progression route

Access course, Foundation or Degree programmes.

7 main reasons to study English in the UK for international students

By studying an English course in the UK, International students can

  • Improve their academic English proficiency to meet degree course requirements
  • Prepare well to obtain required level of scores in UKVI SELT
  • Progress on to the degree course on completion of the PSE course
  • Enhance communication skills to the level required for UK education standard and life-living
  • Increase confidence and competence in interactions
  • Get students jobs at better organisations and earn more
  • Integrate with British people, community and culture

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)s

Q Can I study an English course in the UK as a visitor?

A All international students can study English courses in the UK for six months or less as visitors.

EU or EEA or non-visa national students do not need a visa for this. Students from Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries should apply for a visa waiver. Other national students need to apply for a Standard Visitor visa before travelling to the UK.

Q What is short-term study visa for UK?

A The Short-term study visa allows any student over 16 yearsfrom any country including EU and EEA countries to study an English language course for between 6 and 11 months in the UK.All international students need to choose an accredited English course provider before making their study visa applications.

Q Which type of visa is required to study more than 11 months longer English language courses?

A All international students who want to study English in the UK for longer than 11 months are required to apply for ‘student visa’. Students must be 16 years or older to apply for the course and the student visa.

Q What is a Pre-sessional English course?

A A Pre-sessional English (PSE) course helps you to improve the English Language proficiency and academic skill sets required for university level study. With undergraduate and postgraduate course options you can improve your understanding of English and prepare the skills for success at university.Pre-sessional courses are intensive and academically challenging. The course is offered alongside the main degree course of your choice and you are academically eligible for but your SELT English test score is lower than required by the main degree programme.

The duration of your pre-sessional English course is be determined by

  • Your current level of English on SELT
  • The entry level you will need to reach for your undergraduate or postgraduate degree

The PSE course tuition fees are determined as per the duration of the course and by the university offering it.

Q Will I get visa for Pre-sessional English course? What type of visa is required to study a Pre-sessional English course in the UK?

A Pre-sessional English (PSE) courses are offered alongside the main degree courses and taught prior to the main degree courses. You must complete and pass the PSE course before you can proceed on to the main course of study. It is full-time course for international students.

Recently in the post-COVID era some UK universities offering the PSE course via distance learning method while others are offering it on-campus (please check with the university where you are planning to study to find out where the PSE will be taught). If it is offered on campus, then you will be issued the CAS for the total duration of PSE and the main degree course and get visa for the total duration plus the extra time that Home Office normally have provisions for.

To study a full-time Pre-sessional English (PSE) course on-campus offered with the main degree programme, you will requireapplying for a student visa .

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