Degree Foundation Programme

20 May, 2015


Degree Foundation Programme

Note: the example personal statement (statement of purpose) below is for guidelines only and to help you understand how to write one - do not copy any part of it. When applying to universities, write your own personal statement (statement of purpose) according to your profile for the course you are applying. Please check HERE for detailed guidelines on how to write a personal statement (statement of purpose).

I am eager to follow the Degree Foundation Programme at School of Business and Law (SBL) to develop my higher study plans in the UK. As the course name suggests, this Foundation course would bridge the gap between my current qualification and future pursuance of degree programme in the area of Business and management which is my academic goal.

This foundation programme would be the first step for my initiatives since it is designed to prepare students for undergraduate study in the UK. From the study of English for Higher Education, Study Skills, Business Communication, English for Academic Purpose, Academic English over all three semesters of this course, I will be able to develop my knowledge and use of academic grammar and vocabulary, improve my general academic skills of taking notes from lectures. I will learn to deal with academic reading texts and be able to improve my writing skills through working on academic writing tasks and essays throughout the course. The tailored tuition would equip me to participate confidently in academic discussions and seminars and to give successful presentations and improve my general level of English and develop the specific academic language skills that I will need for undergraduate study.

This course offers number of modules that are related to business and management including Introduction to Marketing, Introduction to Legal Frameworks, Introduction to Economics, Fundamentals of Mathematics, Introduction to Accounting, Introduction to Management, Introduction to Research Techniques all of which will improve my subject knowledge through attendance at lectures and seminars.

In fact, this Foundation Programme would give me opportunities to learn and practice the study and subject skills I need for my degree programme in Business. From the study, I aim to enhance my current level of knowledge and skills at advanced level. I intend to develop an understanding of business and management theory and practice, an awareness to apply business and management concepts, models and theories, in order to analyse and evaluate issues in the business world. The study will equip me to evaluate the complex and integrated nature of the business world. I will learn to facilitate the development of key transferable skills to enhance opportunities for employment and career progression.

From the study, I will learn to take increasing responsibility for managing my own learning, development self-awareness, both as an individual and as a member of a learning community. I will develop various methods to enable effective Communication, gain cognitive skills including enquiry and research skills, identifying and solving problems, analysis and evaluation to develop reasoned arguments, giving and receiving feedback, time management as an individual and when working with others, effectively presenting research from theory-to-practice tasks, to peers and tutors.

I have studied English, Business Studies, Commerce, English Language and Mathematics in my GCSE Levels. In my recent study of pre-programme, I have studied English as a Second Language, Mathematics and Business Studies subjects – all these subjects have similarities with the modules of the Degree Foundation programme I have chosen to study at SBL, and hence they will complement each other – I can transfer my accomplishments from my past and current studies to this Degree Foundation study and make this study at SBL more attaching, interesting, complementary, contributing and acquire higher knowledge with ease and comfort. In fact, Business is my strongest area of academic interest as my personal tutor from CATS College has mentioned in his comments on the progress statement. This Degree Foundation course can make my academic area of interests stronger and pave my way towards my study destination and create opportunities to translate my plans to actual achievements step by step.

The School of Business and Law possess years of experience in teaching Degree Foundation programme for international students. The university is very familiar and popular in Bangladesh – students from our country testify the university as very supportive for international students and there are a considerable number of students from our region at the college and there live a large community in London, where the campus is located. This has motivated me hugely to choose the college. Additionally, the low tuition fee in comparison to other universities is an excellent value for education investment – I could not simply ignore this benefit as a prospective student of business. I could use the savings to buy study materials, laptops to assist my studies.

The modern campus at Elephant and Castle in South London offers cutting edge facilities. The tutors are professionally experienced and academically specialists. The excellent tuition comes with with over 70,000 online learning materials alongside maximum contact hours in class. I am confident my study time at the college and my achievements from here would be highly rewarding.

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